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Handling documents and information created during research projects

Information is created at Region Stockholm as part of our research and development activity. Research documentation includes all the information, both digital and analogue, produced in conjunction with research activity. Examples are

  • administrative, HR or financial information relating to the research
  • working documents, i.e. primary or processed data that the researcher, project manager or investigator produces and uses in the actual research work
  • documents relating to the reporting of the research, project or investigation

This information may constitute official documents. Unless there has been a decision to dispose of this information, it must be retained. For general rules on the retention and disposal of information from research projects, see the retention and disposal plan for documentation from research activity Pdf, 774.1 kB..

Questions sometimes arise around the extent to which information should be retained and where it should be stored in the long term. The answer is never straightforward, as information can arise as part of diverse research activity that often includes stakeholders outside the Region Stockholm area, e.g. Karolinska Institutet.

For advice and recommendations, contact your authority’s supervisory archivist at the Regional Archive or relevant archiving authority for entities outside Region Stockholm, such as the archiving department at Karolinska Institutet.