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Commissioned research

Commissioned research is where an external party (such as an individual company) is commissioned by Region Stockholm to undertake research. Irrespective of the type of research, it is important that there is an agreement setting out in detail what is required. The agreement should also make it clear who has ownership of and right of disposal over the results.

No external party has the right to prevent Region Stockholm from complying with current regulations, for example in respect of the right of members of the public to have access to general official documents. The entity responsible for the research is prohibited by law from assigning official documents to be archived to a client operating in the private sector. In such cases, the client may be given copies of the documents only. The extent to which, and whether, the client is provided with the documents in digital or paper format must be set out in an agreement at the start of new research activity.


Documentation arising from commissioned research may in certain cases have a longer than usual retention period.

Project documentation

If the research is undertaken as a project, provisions on management of project information must also be taken into account; see also the section on Documentation and information in EU projects.

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